Supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers since 1977


Joining Cannock Wolves is free.

Members must pay an annual membership subscription, which is just £2.00 for full members and £1.00 for junior members. Subscriptions must be paid when a member first joins and are due again each July.

As the facilities of Cannock Wolves are for its members, Wolves supporters that wish to travel with us are required to join the club. A non-member may only travel on one-off occasions.

Mostly, applications for membership are processed on route to a match but prospective members may apply at any time. If you want to apply for membership now or just want more information, email

The Club is organised by a committee of its members. Any full members of the Club can sit on the committee. Members are encouraged to step forward and join the committee if they feel their services could benefit our organisation.

The legal basis of the relationship between Cannock Wolves and its members is laid down in the club's constitution, copies of which are available from the Club.