Manchester City, Carabao Cup Round Four
Tuesday, 24 October, kick-off 8:00pm

Coaches sold out

Rugeley, 4:15pm; Hednesford, 4:20pm; Cannock, 4:30pm; Great Wyrley, 4:35pm; Cheslyn Hay, 4:40pm.

Members' fare, £13.00; Concessions, £11.00.

Queen's Park Rangers
Saturday, 28 October

Rugeley, 8:45am; Hednesford, 8:50am; Cannock, 9:00am; Great Wyrley, 9:05am; Cheslyn Hay, 9:10am.

Members' fare, £18.00; Concessions, £15.00.

Norwich City
Tuesday, 31 October, kick-off 7:45pm

There is no Cannock Wolves transport for this as we shall be using the free coaches being laid on by Wolves.

You can still book through us though provided you do so by 17 October.

Departing from Molineux at  2:30pm.

Saturday, 18 November

Rugeley, 8:45am; Hednesford, 8:50am; Cannock, 9:00am; Great Wyrley, 9:05am; Cheslyn Hay, 9:10am.

Members' fare, £14.00; Concessions, £12.00.

Birmingham City
Saturday, 2 December

Rugeley, 12:45pm; Hednesford, 12:55pm; Cannock, 13:00pm; Great Wyrley, 13:05pm; Cheslyn Hay, 13:10pm.

Members' fare, £9.00; Concessions, £8.00.

Sheffield Wednesday
Saturday, 16 December

Cheslyn Hay, 9:20am; Great Wyrley, 9:25am; Cannock, 9:30am; Hednesford, 9:35am; Rugeley, 9:45am.

Members' fare, £13.00; Concessions, £11.00.

Tuesday, 26 December, kick-off 1:00pm

Rugeley, 7:45am; Hednesford, 7:50am; Cannock, 8:00am; Great Wyrley, 8:05am; Cheslyn Hay, 8:10am.

Members' fare, £20.00; Concessions, £17.00.

Bristol City
Saturday, 30 December

Rugeley, 9:15am; Hednesford, 9:20am; Cannock, 9:30am; Great Wyrley, 9:35am; Cheslyn Hay, 9:40am.

Members' fare, £14.00; Concessions, £12.00.

Travel Notes

Bookings are taken by telephone. Call our bookings Hotline 07544 817351.
If you prefer, you can send your booking request to the Hotline by text message.
Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

The concessionary rates are available to children of normal school age and to senior citizens.
Non-members are charged a supplement of £1.00.
Members of our Travel Deposit Scheme receive a discount of £1.00. This scheme is intended for our regular travellers. For more details, contact Steve Bishop on (01922) 412932.

It is illegal to carry alcohol on football coaches. CWSC will strictly apply the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985.

Coach Pick Ups

Cannock Wolves coaches pick up and drop off at the following places:

The order of the pick-ups depends on the final destination.
Other pick-ups will be considered if there is sufficient demand.

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